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“The best investment you will ever make is in yourself…”

Nisha- Founder Style ME


“I’m Nisha and I’m the founder of ‘Style ME’ Personal Styling agency. Thank you for visiting our site and finding out how I or one of our Style ME Stylists can help you with your personal style. I absolutely love what I do and feel very lucky that I’ve found a vocation that I am so passionate about. My journey into Personal Styling was unusual due to fact that I had been working in the corporate sector for many years, but it was here that I witnessed a real need for personal styling from my cash rich, time poor colleagues.

Then, after styling hundreds of men and women, my expertise led me to setting up a successful Training Academy ( teaching budding stylists, (many who now work under the Style ME umbrella) the science to Personal Styling. Yes, I absolutely believe there is a science to looking your best and it’s not as hard as people may think. “The art to effective dressing is simply ‘Dress your shape’ to create a more slimmer balanced silhouette and ‘Wear your colours’ to create a more radiant youthful complexion, it’s as simple as that…and contrary to belief has nothing to do with your size or age!”

At Style ME our clients vary completely in terms of appearance, lifestyle and budget but they all share a common desire, to feel good about their personal style. No matter who the client is, the solution is always the same, to accentuate their best assets without drawing attention to the bits they’re not so confident with.

Trust me, everyone has parts of their body they wish they could change and I’m no exception. For years I wished I was taller, but by knowing how to dress my shape I’ve learned to love my petite Hourglass frame and I never feel overshadowed by my taller friends!

With the help of our extended team of excellent hairdressers, make-up artists and beauticians, we love creating vibrant transformations. But the best part of our jobs is seeing how happy our clients are with the end result as they’re usually in disbelief that they could look so fantastic so effortlessly!

In my opinion, having a Personal Stylist is no longer just for the rich and famous, it’s now an affordable luxury and a great pampering experience but, unlike a great holiday or luxury spa day where the effects soon wear off, we give our clients something they can keep; key rules on how to dress for their shape and the knowledge on what suits them.

Helping others to make the most of their looks, achieve self-pride, or regain their confidence gives me enormous satisfaction. As an agency we also follow these other key rules – always choose quality over quantity, style over fashion, and work with what you’re blessed with now (not once you’ve lost or gained a few more pounds or saved some more money!).

Most of our clients end up as friends who regularly keep in touch. To hear how many compliments they’ve received is a real bonus, but the most rewarding part for me is hearing how fantastic they still feel.

If you would like to hear more about how I can help you or your business, I would love to hear from you.”
Nisha x

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