Case Studies

Case Study 1 : Julie, 49 Aberdeen



Take a look at the woman in the photo on the left; now take a look at the photo of the woman on the right, when I tell you it’s the same woman, you’re probably thinking wow what a transformation; she looks so much slimmer and younger!

Now what would you say if I told you both these photos were taken only 24 hours apart? That’s right, no dieting, no gym sessions, no chemical peels, and definitely no Botox! You probably don’t believe me but it’s absolutely true and the best part is Julie created this look with her existing Wardrobe; there was no expensive shopping trip involved!

Julie’s story is quite different, we met because she actually wanted to become a Personal Stylist! She came to the Academy with a suitcase full of clothes that she typically wore. The photo on the left is a good representation; trust me Julie loves prints and loves colour! The problem was that they were the wrong colours for her ‘summer’ complexion and most of them didn’t highlight her fantastic Hourglass frame!

I told Julie, her first client would be her! We did her ‘colours’ and I taught her the rules on how to dress her shape and with the right choice of dress (that was hiding amongst all the overpowering colours and prints in her suitcase) we effortlessly created a more balanced slimmer silhouette and a more radiant youthful complexion. It’s so easy when you know how!

So If you want to book a Personal Styling session but are hesitating, thinking ‘I must lose some more weight first or save some more money to go shopping with….” please don’t procrastinate! Most of the time the right clothes for you are sitting in your wardrobe and you don’t even realise, all you need is one of our Style ME stylists to show you the way.

“Nisha I seriously can’t believe what a difference dressing my shape and wearing my colours has done for my self esteem. Everybody has noticed; people are actually doing a double take! Better late than never, thank you!”

Case Study 2 : Alexandra, 36



Alexandra came to me to get her ‘Colours’ done and like so many other clients I have, she said she wore the colours she did because she liked them, whether or not they physically suited her didn’t really come into it… The moment she came through the door I could see the bright pink and black combination was way too harsh for her, the colours were wearing her not the other way around! We quickly saw via the draping procedure that she was in fact a ‘summer’ and looked lovely in the softer, cooler tones.

Now that she was feeling enlightened about her colour choices it was safe for me to discuss the style of her clothes… You see Alexandra was wearing everything to disguise her assets: great legs and a great bust! The top was too tight and the jeans were too baggy and I daren’t even discuss her Doctor Martens!

Alexandra confessed that she really did want a new contemporary smart casual look but said she felt guilty to do any more shopping, as her cupboards were already full of clothes! “Full of clothes and colours that don’t suit you”, I subtly pointed out… I insisted I could create her a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’, clothes that she could wear from day to night, season to season and that I could work to any budget.

Alexandra totally agreed but had three prerequisites; “I can’t spend more than £250, I don’t want to look over-styled and being 5ft 10” I can’t wear high heels”.
The following week we went shopping and managed to buy 3 pairs of jeans, 4 tops, 1 blazer, 1 jacket and 1 pair of kitten heels. Every item was perfect for her shape and her colouring, we were within our budget and I’m sure you agree she looks effortlessly chic!

“Thank you Nisha for helping me to see how wrong I had been dressing for all these years! Getting dressed in the morning is so easy now. People keep saying I look so well and stylish and I just smile and say ‘thank you’, it’s like a have a secret formula and they want to know what it is”.

Case Study 3 : Alison, 44

Alison came to me for a Body Shape analysis session. Always thinking she was a ‘Pear’ she has spent most of her years in baggy boot-cut jeans and high-necked tops. During the session we soon saw she had an enviable bust she was hiding and that she was in fact bordering onto an Hourglass frame. Even though I’d taught her the rules on how to dress her individual shape Alison still said she’d love me to take her shopping to buy her a Capsule Wardrobe.

Alison has been running a pub for the last 17 years, works long hours and despite having lots of clothes, when her partner suggests a night out, she still never knows what to wear! She wanted a contemporary look, perfect to go from day to night. I insisted we do her colours and she was to both our surprise an: ‘autumn’, so mustards, oranges and purples were the pop of colour we would be looking out for to compliment the beiges and browns.

Our shopping day was a breeze; Alison couldn’t quite believe that everything I had previously said I would want her to own was right there in the stores “this never happens when I shop on my own!” That’s the thing, when you just go shopping for clothes without knowing what really suits you, you just end up trying on lots of clothes, get frustrated when nothing quite fits and instead buy something on impulse that probably just sits in your wardrobe.

We at Style ME only let you take items into the fitting room that we know will suit your colouring and your shape, leaving you with items to chose from that are guaranteed to create you a slimmer balanced silhouette in colours that will all compliment each other, so with less clothes you can actually create more looks, saving you time, money and space in your wardrobe, it’s genius!

“Allan loved my new capsule wardrobe, I just tried on everything for him! You’re worth every penny Nisha, thank you for a fabulous experience.”

Alison’s Video


Case Study 4: Sameera, 36



Sameera came to me to get her ‘colours’ done. She said she absolutely loves all of the muted autumnal colours and her wardrobe is full of browns and beiges and her make up range is very soft. Looking at her without her make up on I would have definitely said she was an autumn, she looks soft and her features are quite delicate. Oh how wrong we both were! This is the beauty of ‘Colour Analysis’ – trust me when I say this, you can NEVER tell just by looking at someone what season they are, if you want to be sure, you just have to do the draping procedure!

With the drapes close to her face we saw that she was in fact a ‘Winter”; the autumn colours made her face look chubbier and her complexion looked ‘yellow’, where as the stronger winter colours just made her face come to life, her eyes looked brighter and more importantly her face looked slimmer. Sameera confessed that she was in fact on medication and the steroids had made her go from a size 8 to 12 in a matter of months and in particular it was showing on her face.

Knowing this, I told her it is even more important to wear the right make-up. I insisted we did a make-up shop and that she changed her make up range from a yellow base to a blue base. As you can see from the photo the results were dramatic and more importantly they were instant!

“Thanks so much for showing me the right colours and make-up to wear, I’m used to people asking me if I’m ok because I look so tired but now the same people are saying, I look so well, this is just brilliant, thanks again!”

Case Study 5: Sabrina, 28

Working for the family business Sabrina lives in jeans and trainers, as she’s running around all day. Her boyfriend however works in town and on a Friday night she usually meets him and his friends (all media types) for drinks around 7ish, straight after their work.

As much as she loves meeting them all, she said she struggles on what to wear! More often than not she said she gets it wrong, either too overly made up or too scruffy and ends up feeling self conscious especially in front of the other girlfriends, who all looks so effortlessly groomed.

Now you make look at Sabrina and think what problems could she ever have in getting dressed, with a figure like hers and skin to die for, she’d look great in anything right, why would she need a Personal Stylist? We at Style ME talk so much about dressing your shape and wearing your colours to help you look younger and slimmer BUT we forget to mention we also have a huge range of clients who are young and have amazing figures but it’s the confidence on how to dress that they lack.

Trust me these clients are not treated any differently to the women that want to look younger and slimmer. We at Style ME will still insist on doing their colours to create a radiant complexion and teach them to create a balanced, feminine silhouette by dressing their shape.

It turns out Sabrina is a Spring and an Inverted Triangle and I’m sure you agree, she looks stunning in her new look and would fit in in any cool bar or restaurant in town, probably turning a few heads a long the way!

Now you may think that it was me who styled her but it was in fact one of our Style ME delegates, Lucy Eastment that styled Sabrina as part of her training. Lucy was shocked that she learnt all the rules on how to style her client to perfection in only a few days and Sabrina was shocked at just how good she could look!

“Thanks so much for an amazing day, it really has been life changing, this knowledge is going to help me so much, I feel fantastic”.

Not a bad first testimonial Lucy!

Case Study 6: Kirren, 47 and Jess, 16



Mother and daughter Kirren and Jess came to me to get their colours done, they thought it would be a perfect day out for the two of them. Jess being a little bit of a tomboy wants to start wearing make-up so by getting her colours done, I was able to show her the perfect nude softer colours that would suit her ‘Winter’ complexion without her looking too made up.

Then my attention went on to Kirren. I immediately knew that the style of her clothing was totally wrong for her body shape. She complained like so many women do about their tummy area and heavier thighs. The problem wasn’t her figure it was just the style of clothing! I promised that if she let me take her shopping I could instantly hide her flaws and create a slimmer balanced silhouette and work to any budget. Jess was so excited about her mum having a new look that Kirren just couldn’t say no!

On the shopping day Kirren confided in me that she’s recently got divorced and wants to start dating again but as she hasn’t dated in years she’d be lost on what to wear. It’s a sensitive time she said, especially for Jess so she doesn’t want to look too trendy as if she’s competing with her and her younger friends!

We bought her a couple of outfits perfect for her first dates. She wants to show her dates she’s feminine and fun but at the same time has no time to be messed around! The darker skinny jeans highlighted her curves perfectly and the blouses in softer silky fabrics skimmed over her tummy area so no one would ever know! The waterfall style blazer added the sophistication to the look and I’m sure you agree the yellow kitten heels would show any man she has a fun cheeky side.

Kirren was just in shock that she could look so slim and couldn’t wait to go home and show Jess. Jess of course was super proud of her mum and has encouraged her mum even more to get out there and date…. let’s watch this space.

If you’re looking for a great day out with your daughter, why not come and get your colours done too.

Case Study 5: Helga, 36


Beautiful Helga came to me to get her ‘colours’ done and I instantly warmed to her. I had a sense that I was meant to help her in some way and the only thing that came to mind was to help her dress her ‘Circle’ frame more effectively as that tight restrictive blouse she was wearing was making her look much bigger than she actually was!

Little did I know Helga has alopecia and that bubbly personality of hers was actually covering the heartache of her loosing all of her hair. Clients like Helga remind me of why I got into the personal styling industry in the first place. It is all about making people feel good about themselves no matter what they are going through either emotionally or physically. With the right clothes and make-up it’s our job to make them feel amazing; bringing out the best version of them.

We did Helga’s colours first and she was in fact a ‘Summer’, seeing Helga’s face come to life with excitement when I applied her correct shade of red lipstick was amazing. She was so grateful for this knowledge and I could see a beautiful confident woman emerging. The power of wearing your right colours is not to be underestimated. If you want to create a youthful, radiant and healthy complexion then you simply must wear your colours!

Helga confessed that as much as she loves colour since getting alopecia she hides in black and grey so I knew I had to take her shopping to create her a capsule wardrobe full of colour and clothes that would flatter her shape; clothes that would highlight her enviable bust without drawing attention to her tummy area.

We had the best time shopping, the right clothes just magically seemed to appear and we were done in just over an hour! Loosing your hair for any woman is one of the hardest things, so to see Helga beam with excitement over her new look without her wig on was just one of the most rewarding and humbling moments for me.

Helga had a photo-shoot to celebrate her new look and having personally seen all of the photos I can honestly say she looked just as good with and without her wig on, that’s the power of dressing your shape and wearing your colours, only your best features are on display leaving plenty of room for your self confidence to grow! Helga’s smile was simply infectious and I’m so lucky to have had the experience to help her on her journey to recovery!

Helga’s Video


Case Study 6: Sofia, 35

Stunning Sofia got my number four years ago and said she had been meaning to book a Personal Styling package but life got in the way. By life she meant 2 children, aged 5 and 2 and now 1 one more on its way! Yes Sofia is 27 weeks pregnant and she is counting down the days where she can get ‘herself’ back!

Whilst her two children were away on holiday with her husband she said she couldn’t resist but call me to sort out her existing wardrobe. She wanted to clear some space and perhaps buy some transitional pieces.

I arrived on the Monday and met a very conservative ‘autumn’ wearing Sofia. Now let me tell you Sofia has a sensational figure, she’s one of those lucky woman who hasn’t put on weight anywhere but her tummy. So when I saw her wardrobe I was surprised to find very ‘mumsy’ outfits, none of them showing off her amazing legs!

We of course did her colours and she is a ‘winter’ but like so many mums out there has been purchasing autumnal colours, probably to hide amongst the other mums and to create a more sophisticated image. Well the problem is if you are not an: ‘autumn’ but wear autumn colours all you look is flat, dull and grubby and there’s nothing sophisticated about that! Sofia looked incredible in the winter colours and insisted she couldn’t wait until after the birth to buy some new clothes, the only problem was that she was on strict doctors orders not to leave the house for too long.

This is when I suggested we did a ‘Shop and Deliver’ service, where I would shop on her behalf. Sofia was thrilled! So the next day I headed to Harrods on her behalf and purchased her the most amazing pieces, clothes in her winter palette that she could wear during the final stages of her pregnancy and post pregnancy. Clothes perfect for any ‘yummy mummy’! And of course the one thing that can make any woman go from drab to fab in an instant: some high heels!

When Sofia came to meet me wearing her new red lipstick I couldn’t believe what a transformation I had seen from the shy woman I’d met just the day before but by the time she tried on all of the purchases I was blown away with just how sexy and confident she looked. Sofia purchased every single item I chose for her, you might ask how did I get it so right? It’s because I knew how to dress her shape and her colouring that I could effortlessly choose the perfect capsule wardrobe for her; it really is just a formula!

By the Wednesday Sofia sent me a video of her new capsule wardrobe delighted with the results and I’m sure you’ll agree she looks hot! She insists her and her husband will stop after baby number 3 but if she continues to look this hot you never know.

Sofia’s Video


Case Study 7: Sam, 25



Lovely Sam came to me with a colleague to get her Colours done, both were extremely happy with being ‘Summers’ and were particularly thrilled when they tried on their right shade of red lipstick. Sam instantly looked happier but I could tell she was in need of a confidence boost when it came to her body shape.

Sam is a Circle and by that I mean she carries her weight in the middle part of her body: her bust and tummy area. She has fantastic slim legs and loves to show them off in dresses and skirts. The problem is she has been choosing the wrong style of dresses and skirts that are subsequently making her look much bigger that she actually is.

I asked Sam for an hour of her time to choose a couple of dresses for work that would instantly make her look slimmer, no dieting, exercise or even Spanx needed! As you can see from the after photos the results speak for themselves.

Sam like so many Circles was making the mistake of wearing belts to create the illusion of a waist but this is what makes Circles look so much bigger; if you’re not happy with your tummy area, all a belt will do is draw attention to it! Instead keep the eyes away from the tummy and draw the attention to your assets and in Sam’s case it definitely is her bust and legs!

But it’s not just the legs we want to show off, we also want to create balance so by choosing the A Line style of dress/skirt we can instantly create a balanced silhouette rather than a top heavy frame.

Sam was thrilled with the results and amazed that we found so many styles of clothes perfect for her shape and size in just one hour. She said the new clothes in her ‘Summer’ palette of colours and not to mention her new red lipstick is the confidence boost she’s been craving for!

Sam’s Video



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