Yes, there’s definitely a buzz right now about Colour Analysis. People are watching catchy videos on social media and because the effects of wearing the right and wrong colours are so visual and instant, everyone seems to want to know what their most flattering colours are. Since being interviewed on Woman’s Hour, on why Colour Analysis has made a comeback, my bookings have trebled, and the 3 most common questions I always get asked prior to the booking are:

Can we do the session Online?

It seems nearly all services have gone online, so it’s an obvious question to ask, can a colour analysis session be carried outline? We seem to want instant gratification and I get it, it’s not always convenient to travel to a personal stylist’s studio or home. But sadly, to get a colour analysis session done properly, you need 3 essential things: daylight, specially selected drapes and a trained eye. So, unless your Colour Analyst is sending you her drapes to your home and you’re both doing the session in daylight she or he won’t be able to tell you accurately what your colour palette is, it will just be a guess.

Can I work out my ‘colours’ myself?

Unfortunately, not. Maybe you’ve tried to work out your colours or more importantly your skin undertone by looking at the colours of your veins, with blue meaning you have a cool undertone and green suggesting you have a warm undertone. Yes, this could give you an idea, but that’s all it would be, an idea. Often, two people will think differently on what the vein colour even is, one stating It’s blue whilst the other says green! The most important thing in colour analysis, is working out your skin undertone, getting that wrong, will put you in a completely different season to what you actually are, so don’t rely on the naked eye!

How much does it cost?

People are often shocked at how much colour analysis costs, and when I ask how much they’ve been quoted, sometimes over £300, I too get surprised. The truth is, colour analysis is a skill that the colour analyst needs to train in, it takes time and effort to learn, this is why we charge for it, but no, it doesn’t need to break the bank. A session takes around an hour, so in my opinion it should cost in the region of £100 to £150. It’s the best investment you’ll make for your personal style and will save you a fortune in the long run, in buying clothes and make up and hair dyes that simply don’t flatter your complexion, and the best part you only need to do it once in your lifetime. So make the investment but don’t get ripped off.

Nisha x