A week after my break down I had a hygiene dentist appointment. It was long overdue and I was expecting a warm welcome for my regular dentist. He wasn’t there and instead I was introduced to a new frosty female dentist who didn’t do the usual small talk and niceties. I felt uncomfortable especially as she was aggressively prodding away at my bleeding gums.

When the ordeal was over I got a stern disapproving look and an order to look after my gums better and I nodded obediently. To lighten the tense atmosphere, I thought I’d ask about getting my teeth whitened. I’m a big red lipstick girl with a big smile so I thought it’s important to have bright white teeth. Thinking she would be happy to get the incremental business I asked about the pricing.

What came out of her mouth next was a shock. She unexpectedly asked me what I did for living, and after I told her I was a stylist she had a disapproving smirk on her face, so I asked her what was amusing her? She said, “You’re all about looking good on the outside, you don’t care about what’s going on inside you, I’m telling you now, you won’t have any actual teeth left to worry about in the future, your last concern should be whether they’re white or not!”

I was so offended by her remarks and judgement that I stormed out … but whilst sitting in my car in traffic, I calmed down and started to think about my teeth hygiene. Of course, I brushed my teeth twice a day but how often did I use the different coloured flossing TePes? Not often enough clearly!… then I realised she was right…

As a Personal Stylist I was all about fixing the outside: new clothes, the right hair and make-up; I made a living visually helping women to look their best! But new clothes and make up although amazing were so often just a temporary fix, and for many of my clients just a plaster to cover the pain and discomfort of what was going on in their lives.

I tooth this harsh lesson from this dentist as a sign from the Universe to pursue the Cleopatra Effect and teach women how to be beautiful from the inside out. Strangely by the time I went back to the dentist she had left. If she ever reads this, I want her to know I’m deeply grateful for her firm words because I’m now the owner of perfectly flossed teeth and I’m now personally teaching women how to get that beautiful infectious smile deep from within.

Nisha x