Virtual Personal Styling

“Style is something each of us has, all we need to do is find it…”

Virtual Personal Styling

Get online help and advice from your personal stylist on what clothes to buy for any occasion; that flatter you perfectly.

Our main objective is to offer an easy and effective online/ virtual personal shopping service to those who want all the benefits of personal styling without having to commit to an in-store personal shopping trip.


How does Virtual Personal Styling work?

Step 1: Fill out a detailed questionnaire online so that your designated Personal Stylist can get a clear understanding of your:

  • 1. Brief
  • 2. Body shape
  • 3. Budget

Step 2: Have a brief chat on the phone/What’s app with your Personal Stylist who will confirm your styling requirements.

Step 3: Sit back and relax whilst your Personal Stylist researches your brief and then emails you a presentation of looks put together from a range of stores that fit your brief; including the shopping links to the items, currently available to buy online, and in your size.


What are the benefits of Virtual Personal Styling?

  • The time you’ll save shopping in store.
  • The money and time you’ll save travelling to and from the shops.
  • There’s a wider range of brands your personal stylist can shop from online vs. in store and more stock availability.
  • It’s a more affordable service, you don’t have to pay for your Personal Stylist’s daily rate; instead you pay per look. Packages start from only £50.
  • Your Personal Stylist will give you your presentation within 24 hours, so last minute styling solutions are always available.
  • It’s a personal styling solution for people who don’t live near a stylist.
  • The unique formula your Style ME personal stylist uses to identify your needs is faultless and has been tried and tested on hundreds of clients.
  • Your Personal Stylist is not a computer program but a real person who has been trained by Style ME Training.


How much does it cost?

Prices from £50 for 1 look.

Please note:

  • Bespoke styling solutions/packages are offered and prices can be negotiated with your assigned personal stylist.
  • Your personal stylist never takes your credit card details; you have the option to purchase the selected items in your own time.
  • You can purchase any styling option/look as often as you like.
  • The questionnaire you initially fill out will take around 20 minutes and as well as the body shape identification process it will include questions on your preferences, your lifestyle and your style aspirations etc. These details will always be stored so your designated Personal Stylist can start building a profile of you. The more information you give your stylist the better the results.
  • No photos of you are required for the initial questionnaire/ consultation process but if you wish to send them that’s fine.
  • If additional services such as Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Styling are required they can be arranged with your stylist.

Virtual Styling – Special Occassion

What do you do when you’ve been invited to an event last minute but can’t get to London to meet your stylist? You book in a Virtual Styling session! This is exactly what happened to Lucy she’d been invited to the Winter Races last minute and it was going to be a very glamorous affair but instead of being excited she was panicking because she had no idea what to wear and didn’t have time to get to London.

As a Personal Stylist it’s our job to know what look you should be going for no matter what the occasion. We never want you to look out of place or over/under dressed but we definitely want you to be the belle of the ball! I knew exactly what looks to put together for Lucy. I confirmed her body shape over Whats App and knew her most flattering colours (as we had done them before) so was able to put together some looks from her favourite stores, all within her budget. All she had to do was buy the exact items that were all available to buy online.

By virtual styling her I was able to shop in a lot more online stores than if we had met for an in-store personal shopping trip. Lucy chose her best looks and ordered them for next day delivery and by no surprise to me, they fit like a glove. Lucy was shocked that everything she ordered fit like a glove but I of course wasn’t because I know my unique styling formula never lets me down even ‘virtually’ and it means I can style anyone around the world, at any time of the day no matter what the occasion or budget!


“Wow I don’t know how you do it! The date night looks got the exact reaction I was hoping for, I would never have chosen these myself, I loved all 3 looks so bought all 3 and was amazed how they not only fit like a glove but made me look slimmer too, thank you so much. Lara, London

“I’m a self confessed online shopping addict but so often I was disappointed with the results and seemed to spend more and more time packaging up my returns but since I’ve started using Style ME’s virtual styling service online they’ve not only nailed every look but I’m shocked how everything flatters me so well. My stylist, Helen got me out of my comfort zone and is educating me as she goes along on how to dress my shape, suggesting items I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen myself – I think she’s my new addiction. Jess, Leeds

“I’ve always wanted to hire a personal shopper but it seemed a little excessive and quite frankly something I just couldn’t afford. My virtual Personal Stylist who’s also a busy mum like me totally understood my lifestyle and put together a ‘yummy mummy’ day look that was so affordable. I ordered the clothes straight away and they totally work, it’s the best £50 I’ve ever spent. I’ve even bought the service as a gift for my sister too. Karen Bedford

I’m heavily pregnant and had a last minute wedding invitation I just couldn’t get out of. I was more stressed about what to wear than the actual wedding. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and I definitely didn’t want to hit the shops in my state. When my friend recommended Style ME I was so relieved but so excited when Nisha informed me of the virtual styling service they offer. The dress my stylist chose was beautiful, I ordered it as a next day delivery and I was shocked how good it looked. The accessories she chose were so different and totally completed the look and I felt so relaxed and happy with my purchase, I’d recommend this service to everyone. Delia London

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